What's new 2013

  • Handmade specialities produced expressly for us according to special recipes which enhance flavour and taste.

  • I"nglesine"  nougat biscuits  g150

  • Flower nougat biscuits (200g) and single portion (two biscuits 40g) AVAILABLE ALL YEAR LONG.

  • ''Dolce Fantasia'' nougat  crumble (500g) and mini nougat crumble (140g) AVAILABLE ALL YEAR LONG.

  • Nougat Panettone (750g)

  • Delicious nougat  400/700g or Mini Deliciuos nougat g 100
  • Nougat Dove g750

  • Soft Nougat Specialities. Slices of soft nougat cake and logs with different fillings (almond, almond and walnuts, dried fruit, dark chocolate and marron glacés, rum flavored raisin, almonds, walnuts and dark chocolate, coffee flavor with coffee grains costed with dark chocolate, dried fruit and dark chocolate, pistachio paste with pistachio grains and dark chocolate Lindt) sold by weight

  • Soft nougat cake with almonds, walnuts, dark chocolate (400g) 

  • Soft nougat cake with almonds and walnuts (350g)

  • Half globe soft nougat with almonds topped with walnuts or walnuts and cocoa sold by weight

  • Small almond nougat log topped with dried fruit  (250g)

  • Almond soft nougat mini-log topped with chocolate flakes and cocoa (250g)

  • Almond soft nougat log topped with Lindt chocolate, cocoa and walnuts (500g) 

  • Almond soft nougat log topped with dried fruit (500g)

  • Classic brittle nougat specialities. Our ''giardiniera'' (nougat filled with dried fruit and dark chocolate) g200-480